Josh Ferrer

Trumpeter - Educator - Arranger

The imagination is the driving force behind music making. Hearing the desired result vividly in your imagination will activate whatever physical activity it takes to make that sound.
— Pat Harbison

Josh has had the privilege to study with some of the best players from around the world and credits his abilities to every single one of those lessons. Many of those trumpet lessons have also turned into life lessons that have allowed him to be a successful musician. To this day, Josh still studies with the best musicians from around the world to better his art and his musicianship. 


Josh values the importance of lessons and is available to help students overcome the physical and psychological obstacles from trumpet playing so that the imagination can do its job of creating music! Josh believes that imagination is the key to music making and emphasizes lots of listening so that your mind is fed on what a beautiful sound should be. Together with physical practice, or a routine, and  imagination, your body will activate whatever physical activity to make a desired sound. Whether it be one lesson, or many, Josh will help to inspire your mind so that you have the fire to create your own sounds and your own music.

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