Josh Ferrer

Trumpeter - Educator - Arranger

"Still In Love With You" written by Sarah Pumphrey. 

"Escape From Calypso Island", a 360-degree virtual reality adventure! Josh Ferrer on trumpets.

Third story - "G Train" (Kylan Road ft. Mario Jose and Matt Bloyd)

"It Was Always You" Maroon 5 Cover by Nikki Philliippi and Gabi Ramirez. Arranged by Dave Brunelle and Josh Ferrer.

Baby Rasta y Gringo sing with Aymee Nuviola on "Bailando Todo Se Olvida" at the 2016 Latin American Music Awards.

Beyonce- All Night Mash Up (Kylan Road ft. Dani Moz Cover) 

Desi Valentine - "Asylum" Live at Jam in the Van Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Horns by Josh Ferrer and Alekos Syrupolous.

Downbeat LA's, Gold Standard, performing and recording Bruno Mar's "Uptown Funk" live.

Music Video Cover by Maddi Jane ft. Kylan Road performing 'History" by One Direction.

"Rule the World" by Walk Off the Earth performed by Kylan Road ft. Nikki Phillippi.

Phat Cat Swinger at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend in Las Vegas, NV April 2016.

Let It Snow + Winter Wonderland Mashup! Nikki Phillippi & Rachel Talbott

Trumpet solo with Luis Coronel live at the Nokia Theatre.

An Englishman in Love in LA by Richard Shelton. Recorded at Capitol Records.

© 2017 Josh Ferrer